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Welcome to the Race

Among the sandstone rocks in the Bohemian Paradise or the granite boulders in West Bohemia, through thickets and marshes in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, climbing up the steep slopes of the Carpathian mountains... You can visit all these regions through international competitions in the Czech Republic.

But when have you last run in terrain which was formed by a continental glacier? Where you can fly as a bird through clear forest, across flat hills and gentle valleys... and in next moment slow down in a marsh, in a deep gorge or on a steep hill with rocks stacked on its top, formerly believed to be a pagan sacrificial site? And its into this very area you are invited by the organising team of 4 days ARDF 2012.

Some of you may remember the Czech ARDF Championship in 2000, a few of you may find the maps in your archive – take them, maps can be suitable when you warming up your grey matter, vainly trying to guess the course of 144 MHz, sprint, relay or foxoring. Contrary to this, do not try it for 3.5 MHz and massage your calves – in this race you should look forward to huge hills in area still virgin for ARDF runners, part of the Rychlebské hory Mts. above the ruin of Kaltenstein castle.

Certainly, this traditional competition is not only a sporting contest - it is usually a social event as well. The meeting of several generations from different nations, days full of endorphins for someone, family holidays or everlasting bender for further ones – and for everyone, four relaxing days with a group of friends, who change to intransigent rivals during the race...

The organisers of the club Radiosport in Bílovice are pleased to invite you to this midsummer feast of sport in 2012!